23 10 / 2012

Lately, I have been a very happy girl; I think is because I am finally realizing how great things can be. Ever since I decided to adjust my mind set I am now able to learn how to take things positively and keep them with me. At first, over-thinking about things make me become such dramatic person, and now I have been quite successful in getting rid of this bad habit from these past few months.

What I realized the most is that, there is so little time left for me to be sad about things -things that are never meant to be the way how I interpret them. I am able to hold conversation freely and enjoy great moments with everyone. Little things, here and there, have made my day and shaped my mind significantly.

It is week 9 in school now, soon after Hallo-ween will be time to prep an annual feast in order to thank all the things and people in your life. After the feast of appreciation is the most wonderful holiday of the year. Immediately, we will be welcoming year 2013 (waahhh, it feels like the beginning of 2012 was just here not so long ago). Flying out on January 2nd, and I will be on my next journey for 4 months or so. I am going to miss y’all so much. Who knows where I am going to be after this extended abroad journey……  

Now and then, I occasionally think about the conversations that we had - conversations that are meaningful, pointless, playful, silly, exciting, sad, or funny, and I love it. Before the year end, I will continue to be on my rehab and get together with all the great people I have met.

'look on the bright side, EUROPE'

Thank you for being supportive lately.

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