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Magic Man - Paris

11 11 / 2013

Hey, no matter what will happen, I will always be looking at what I have in my hands, and appreciate them. I will not be looking at what I don’t have in my hands, and blame on others for not having it.

Also, I believe that you should first define what makes you happy and do whatever that makes you happy. You don’t seek for things that make others happy, and assume that is what makes you happy. You ask your heart, not by following what others do. 

Lastly, everything that happens, happened based on a decision — a decision that you made, and you shouldn’t blame on others when the outcome isn’t as you expected. hey mr., life does go on. You don’t just stand there and say all the crap you want. Talks are so cheap, if you haven’t realized. 

Anyways, I think I have to apologize to my all of my friends who have been staying with me to go through these crap. I will pick it up very quickly, and bring the good vibes back around you. And, just one more thing, I finally realized how hard, how sad, how crazy it is to even think about losing a person you love, love, love so much. Without one of them, is like losing a piece of myself. 

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So beautiful :)

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new perspective for moms 

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by Arnaud Le Dévéhat 

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This is such a cute Lip Dub of Katy Perry’s Roar 

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James Arthur - Wrecking ball

in der Radio Hamburg Live-Lounge

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